Laser Therapy

Why choose us for Laser Therapy?

Our group has the most advanced technology, operated by the most highly trained professionals in the industry. We can provide you the absolute best laser treatment, no matter what your individual needs may be. We have been using lasers for treatment for the past ten years, and the rest of the industry is just now beginning to do the same. We are now leading the way by incorporating the next generation of lasers into almost every procedure we do. It makes your treatment last longer while providing you with a much more comfortable experience. We use the most advanced laser technology for both our dental procedures and our facial esthetics procedures.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy incorporates the use of lasers to provide a more concise and accurate approach to dentistry, collagen restoration, and sleep apnea. Laser therapy allows for a much more comfortable experience, a more durable treatment, and a quicker recovery time. Laser therapy is simple, safe and effective and is the ultimate patient-friendly solution.

Laser Treatment for Dental

Revolutionary Laser dentistry is here! Our lasers allow us to provide the absolute best dental care for our patients while reducing pain, and providing a more comfortable experience. During fillings, our lasers are able to stimulate reparative dentin to form which makes the pulp chamber shrink and causes the tooth to become nonsensitive.

This, in turn, makes it far less likely that you would need a root canal after a crown preparation or a filling. With our laser treatment root canals are cleaned out better and sterilized and less likely to ever to have a problem. The laser cleans the tiny canals that can’t be instrumented and thus significantly reduces the chance that problems will occur with a root canal.

With laser treatment, we are able to desensitize exposed roots so they are not sensitive to cold anymore, which is a very long term solution for sensitive teeth. We are able to perform fillings with no anesthesia, and with a better bond strength that allows it to last longer. Our lasers also allow us to perform gum disease treatments that are more predictable than traditional gum surgery and don’t hurt.

Laser Treatment for Facial Esthetics

With our revolutionary laser treatments, you can look ten years younger, naturally! Our dentists have been leading the way in the use of lasers for facial esthetics for years because they are the most highly trained professionals in the head and neck anatomy. Our dentists are trained to have an artistic eye on what makes a face look beautiful which enables them to not only perform treatment but tailor each procedure to the unique individual.

Our lasers are capable of performing the following procedures:

  • Remove the wrinkles around the lips
  • Create natural looking volumization of lips
  • Tighten facial collagen and reduce sagging around the face and neck
  • Remove facial hair
  • Remove facial varicosies
  • Remove age spots on the face
  • Reduces bags under eyes
  • Reduces the dark circles under the eyes
  • Airway collagen tightening to eliminate snoring

We are also able to use our lasers to help with sleep apnea by opening up the airways and reducing the pressure needed for CPAP machine for severe sleep apnea patients. For patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea, it may eliminate the need for any appliance at all.