Natural Collagen Regeneration

Make your skin look and feel younger and correct those imperfections! We can re-vascularize and replace collagen to turn back the hands of time in your facial skin better than any cream or skin application. We use what is called, a Dermapen® also called micro needling therapy (a topical gel numbs the skin and you feel nothing!) This device allows us to do what is called, collagen induction therapy (CIT).

What this process does is to make microscopic channels to the dermal level of your skin where your skin cells are made. We then take your own growth hormones and stem cells and apply it to the surface of you skin where it seeps down to the derma layer where it will stimulate your skin to produce new cells and increase the vascular supply to the skin. The new cell growth and increased vascularization will greatly reduce or eliminate skin imperfections and make your skin feel and look younger.

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